Hello! We’re Fingertips, a pop rock band from Portugal, and we will be in Brighton for the next three days.
Here you can find out a little more about us, check out our schedule and share our daily adventures… Come with us in this ferris wheel!
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British, british everywhere! Ahhh, how we love England…
We bareilly arrived and went directly to the studio. The time is tight, so we can’t waste any precious minute.
Our first english show is for the industry people – and in double. One show in beginning of the afternoon and another in the noon.
The studios is small and very cosy, perfect to be closer to the audience.


The weather here is not so good as in here in Brighton, and Joana decided to bring summer clothes. Poor girl. But, since we’re always doing something, we’re always on fire.
This morning we took a walk in the beachside. We saw the usual carousel, that we watch in movie, but it was covered, because of the weather.
Right when we got everything set up, we had the third presentation with brands. And, since tomorrow is our last day, we also had a show in the noon, with the media.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day, so we’re going to rest a bit.
See you tomorrow!


British are, indeed, very polite, and… always in time! We’re loving our time here and we wish we could stay more…
Our last show and we feel like it was the first. We’re full of energy and excitement, we can’t hide it.
Of course we had to pack, but first, we couldn’t leave without a little walk around the city, so it was what we did during the afternoon. Brighton is so beautiful!

Next stop: Singapore!
See you soon.